File 205 – Fart Games

Hello there and welcome back into The BED Files Podcast. In this episode, we are back with James for an extra long shows as we talk about impersonations, road rate causing antics, fantasies, how to go about saving someone, Becky breaks a nail, the coochie-coo, theme parks being shut down, getting quarantined, working from home, the American hysteria, how other countries are handling Covid 19, James almost get dick-rolled and shares how to make fake dick pics to fool your friends, Mexican Cartel activities, vaginal “Jet Streaming”, sorted stories from Motel 6, the Fart Games, we play some Blurt, we give you our Hump Games updates, the new sex move “The Motel 6 Hurricane” and “Motor Lodging”, using random port-a-potties, shit stories, get some God Vice, and a whole lot more! C U Next Tuesday!

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