Month: June 2021

  • File 271 – M.A.W.W.A.

    Howdy Partner..

  • File 270 – Piece Of Shiterson

    Welcome back into The BED Files Podcast. In this episode we discuss Fathers Days gifts, wearing a tie, an angry, Lego Love, a jaguar, Dolphin Shorts, The Wheel of Dad […]

  • File 269 – He Went Altar

    Welcome back into the The BED Files! We are back again with Lido as we discuss lack of preparation, Danny’s VHS history, have boobs been de-valued, finding porn, how to […]

  • File 268 – Paying By The Inch

    When every inch counts, how much would you pay?

  • File 267 – WoMandy

    Welcome back in to The BED Files. In this episode we discuss destroyed landmarks, Becky has some good new!, sex and a sandwich, Danny get’s Body Boners when he’s agitated, […]