File 191 – Assholicism

Welcome in to The BED Files Podcast. This week we present to you the infamous man of danger Jameseypoo as we discuss Peterson’s Sexy time voice, catholic guilt, Actor’s signature techniques, how James just doesn’t like things, when you think you’re God, not watching the News, the two modes of being Becky, how Alanis Morrisette is touring again, why James loves a good mustache, the Amish, being technologically challenged, having “good energy”, how to wash yourself, growing up privileged, getting a Ferrari for graduation, stupidly speeding, the energy it takes to talk to people, James volunteers to help and makes a sign, inviting James on the show, Pope Time, when little kids judge you, disliking Disney, the sexist Peloton commercial controversy, smart TVs monitoring you, “The Feed”,  what Black Mirror means, and more!

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