File 194 – Dick Rolled

Welcome to the first show of 2020! We start this year off with a Stoney Cherub as we discuss if we should start a crusty punk band,  how to celebrate a New Year, Eric loses his shit, Eric wants no responsibility, unsolicited dick pics,  Eric loses his shit again, finding a Polaroid pic, Eric suffers yet another episode in the bathroom at work, an ugly tattoo story, be a kinder human in 2020, we decide if Eric was being creepy at the gym, #2’s unnecessary behavior, rubbing your beard, pulling your hair out, Becky teaches Eric a computer trick, best music of 2019, is #2 a good boy, Blurt, keep it positive, Eric takes another Gummy, how do you find a band in 2020?, 2019 Google search trends, 2019 most searched health questions, how to prep for the boys coming in from Texas, Pope Time, and a whole lot more! As always, we’ll C U Next Tuesday!

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