File 196 – Guesticles From Texasticles

Hey there BEdophiles, welcome into File 196 where we welcome all the way from Texas, Dustin and Stubbs, the boys from The Jerry Jonesetown Massacre! In this episode, we discuss now legal fun on the West Coast, gummies, MILF cookies, eating a placenta, natures harvest, Stubbs does stand up, making life changing decisions when you’re drunk, graffiti, Cali’s homeless population, parents and Facebook posts, “black dad”, Texas Tornadoes vs Cali Earthquakes, getting medicated, CA gun laws, are Californians moving to Texas pissing off the Texans?, Black Bear Diner, a Stoner Think Tank, feeling stuck in Ca, a new show idea from JJTM, ScareGulls, A Rhyming Tank, Eric gets cock-blocked by #2, Pope Time, religious cults, NAMM, phone calls, and more! We’ll be back next week with the boys so stay tuned and as always, C U Next Tuesday!

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