File 197 – A Friendly Little Feller

Hey there BEDophiles! Welcome in to File 197. In this week we’re back with the boys from The Jerry Jonestown Massacre Podcast as we discuss  NAMM vs NAM, what actually goes down at NAMM, a full service podcast, judgmental Californians, religious nuts at conventions, Cult Spectrum, Scientology, circumcisions, up and coming artist “Charlie Mansion”, waiting in lines, Blurt, “Shark Bite”,  gifts from JJTM, # 2 wearing a beanie, stoner bonding, Broad City, Stubbs predetermines the course of an entire relationship before even saying hi, Dustin goes to a ska show, names for Ska bands, metal at Denny’s, crazy things that happen at live shows, what’s the most “Texas” thing?, The Ferrari, the show that wasn’t recorded, a vibrating rolling pin, Stubb’s little poop, #2’s toilet paper protocol, gender and more circumcision talk, saving your own bones, worlds largest Snicker’s Bar, a water slide, a Deaf man sues porn hub, Fort Worth Famous, And a bunch more.

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