File 209 – Mr Potato Pants

Hello there BedHeads, we’re back with File 209 and our special guest Dustin zooming in from Texas as we discuss new Dad life, people’s inability to follow simple rules, the sound of silence, how to photograph testicles, when you almost lose a podcast recording, condoms, Mr Potato Pants, dick sizes, Lego Masters, bored celebrities are annoying, Danny’s Panties, Hump Games, getting “Jetered”, a Blue Bonnet photo shoot, Cherub can’t be bought, Targets selection of board games, Trash TV, 80’s Toys, the current state of Las Vegas, Blurt, open carrying in Texas, Florida fun, smelly underwear, the Mayonnaise Calendar, Bedtime Story Masturbation, and more! Enjoy the show and C U N Tuesday!

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