File 237 – This Is Who I Am Now

Welcome back into The BED Files Podcast. In this episode we discuss it being cool to suck, wasting time, “emotional support squirrel”, if Danny was Eric’s Step Dad, Eric get’s affectionate, Danny needs to groom his mustache, Miley Cyrus covers Metallica, technology ruining the feel of music, Netflix cancels shows for no reason, how awesome is John Lithgow, when comedians take on serious movies, how do you stay on top of nerd culture, Eric just has no inspiration to do anything anymore, playing games on your phone, phone calls, Obsession, extreme comedians, Trash TV, Blurt, the Pope is ok with same sex marriage, Danny’s new Weed currency, random news, a kid gets mad and curses, the fucking store, Borat and Guliani, and a lot more!

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