File 241 – I’mma Stab Your Mouth With My Vagina

Welcome into File 241 of The BED Files Podcast. In this episode we discuss how Santa is officially immune to Covid 19, types of milk, gang banging George the pillow, a Ballsy Christmas Gift, how far does $1000 actually go, Adolph Crispler, Danny has more Kidney Stones, Piss Paralysis, Eric want’s to know if a situation would bother you, how much would it cost for Danny to be able to watch Eric dance with Lorinda, Eric has a new pan!, how Eric makes breakfast, kids and learning how to drive today, working as a vendor many years ago, we sort of settle the debate of how to load a dishwasher, Episode 2 of the Between Two Holes, how to clean your butthole, a staring jerking contest?, have you recorded yourself during sex?, Trash TV, and so much more! C U Next Tuesday!

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