File 244 – Old Taint Nick and The Covid Claus

Welcome back into The BED Files. In this episode we discuss focusing on your strong points, who’s the “drama” of the show, Old Taint Nick and is special abilities, we make some Christmas Carol Calls to our friends, the Lord gets fooled, are you a waste of talent, how great is the Mandalorian?, is Jon Favreau the greatest and most underrated writer / director?, Trash TV, children are jerks, how not to buy a protective cup, chasing toys at Christmas Time or just in general, Between Two Holes, a Christmas Blurt, special Covid Claus song performed by The BED Files, how to spend Christmas, and update on Lorinda’s Ex’s and his wife, more and more technology showing up in the Peterson house, Peterson’s son has taken a step into making music, Peterson’s son gets his learners permit, and a whole lot more!! Merry Christmas from BED and C U Next Tuesday!

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