File 259 – Mandy and the Manny… and Sack

Welcome into The BED Files Podcast. In this episode we are back with Mandy as we discuss inward singing, your butt is not meant for bottles, asking Mandy to move in and be the nanny, it only takes 1 time, a angry autistic child, Mandy gets to be #6, Cherub admits to fixing #2’s work, the future of BED, finding a babysitter, #2 has a Staring contest with Mandy and Shartsta, neural lenses, fingering the cable, masks, mom boobs, Mandy says “Californian” words, a Shitty Way To Die, is choking the worst way to die?, smooth and creamy vs chunky, #2 gets triggered, Cherub gets new shorts, the “Sack” story, the things your kids wanna wear, Hump Games, Cherub can’t say anything right, Shartsta runs late, Blurt, Dick Pic’ing, making documentary about not important people, a bromance cause damage to a car, Human Foot Tacos, a Door Dash Driver asks for sex from customer, and a bunch of Bonus show as well!! C U Next Tuesday!

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