File 267 – WoMandy

Welcome back in to The BED Files. In this episode we discuss destroyed landmarks, Becky has some good new!, sex and a sandwich, Danny get’s Body Boners when he’s agitated, hernia talk, butt money, NIN, hearing lyrics wrong, making fun of Celine Dion, Becky congratulates Eric for his grammar, pregnancy brain, putting your kid in pre-school, creative use of hot sauce, butter on the beaver, let’em knock, we need cameras, staring contest, Eric’s medical updates!, running for governor, “WoMandy”, having a favorite Turtle Mouth, kids first words, Danny handles Eric’s Turtle, Joe Rogan, being stuck in a BAM, going clubbing, sympathy dancing, Danny turns sweet, Eric was mugged as a kid, Starter Jackets, Hump Games, the Candy Man, murder documentaries, Discovery Plus, Empathy Tears, punching roulette, and so much more!! C U Next Tuesday!

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